• Pre-engineered steel components form a strong accurate structure that is easy to assemble or disassemble and relocate.
  • Components weigh less than 50kg and can be easily handled by two people.
  • All components can fit into a standard 20' shipping container or onto a ute for easy frieghting or storage.
  • Galvanised / Powdercoat / Colorbond finish options for rustproofing and low maintenance.
  • Low cost floor to ceiling glass wall option for natural light and sunny aspect.
  • Raised 3.6m Clearspan floor system enables installation on difficult and sloping terrain without major excavation.
  • Clearspan frame allows flexible internal / external design capability.
  • Four way cleat joints facilitate easy extension on all elevations, the installation of adjustable eaves, architectural profiles and living walls.
  • Load bearing trusses can accomodate mezzanine flooring - optimising the use of roof and floor space.
  • Metal framed centre fire wall option enables duplex capability providing 13m2 more space than the average park cabin in the same area.
  • Supplied with engineering computations zone 2 and plan drawings - ready to present to council for approval prior to purchase.


  • Mark out position of 3.6m2 footing holes.
  • Drill 0.5m2 footing holes using 750mm drill auger.
  • Assemble connector cleats to footings.
  • Assemble bearers to same.
  • Position structure into footing holes.
  • Level using positioning pins.
  • Square using diagonal tension cables.
  • Pour cement into holes.

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